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NC State police investigate 3 sexual assaults reported at campus party


Police are investigating a string of reported sexual assaults that happened Friday night on the campus of N.C. State University.

University Police say all three incidents happened at a party in the Wolf Village apartments.

“This is the first time I’ve been staying at Wolf Village and since it happened at a party Friday night, I just kind of couldn’t believe it, especially since it said that there were three different assaults,” said Taylor Earnhardt, a junior at NC State.

Police say the victims were all female students who knew their attackers.

“It also just makes things a little bit scarier on campus since you know these were people that they knew,” said Earnhardt. “It’s not like it was some random person.”

Valarie Hodges works at the Student Union. She’s a senior and she says most times these assaults don’t even get reported.

She says victim blaming is the root of the problem and she sees students doing it on Yik Yak, which she calls an anonymous Twitter.

“When we had these Wolf Alerts people would talk (badly) about the victims, ‘That girl shouldn’t have been out. I bet she was completely trashed. I bet she led him on and then changed her mind.’ I mean, people say things like that and it’s crazy,” said Hodges.

Earnhardt and Hodges say they always carry pepper spray and never walk alone at night. Both believe any student found guilty of sexual assault should face legal and academic consequences.

“Expulsion from school,” said Hodges. “We can’t have people like that on campus.”

Anyone with information about these incidents is encouraged to contact the NCSU Police Department at 919-515-3000.

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