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Ready to create your Forever Family? Here are the guidelines

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The following information was provided by our partners at These are the guidelines in North Carolina.

Step 1 – Contact Forever Family! Let us know where you live. We will help you locate your local foster care & adoption agency.

Step 2 – Your local agency will invite you to an open-house or adoption orientation. Here you will learn about the becoming a foster or adoptive parent.

Step 3 – Application Process – Includes information about your family, and child(ren) you are seeking to adopt.

Step 4 – Pre-Placement Assessment & MAPP classes– A social worker will work with you to help familiarize you with the adoption process. The Model Approach to Partnership in Parenting (MAPP) is a series of training that helps prepare you for your foster/adoptive journey.

Step 5 - Once Approved– Search Forever Family videos, state websites, and attend recruitment activities, especially the matching events where you can meet the children who are available for adoption. Once you've identified a child or sibling group who you are interested in, notify your counselor, who can provide more information. Several families may be interested in the same child(ren). The workers will want to take as much time as necessary to ensure the family selected is the right match.

Step 6 - Match - When the needs of a child or sibling group are matched with your family, your adoption counselor will discuss with you the pre-placement activities, including supervised and unsupervised visits with the child. Once you, your family, the child and the child's counselor determine that the child is ready, the official placement will occur.

Step 7 - Placement -After a child is placed, a counselor must make monthly visits in order to assess the child's adjustment and if new or additional services are needed. The supervision period last approximately 6 months.

Step 8 - Forever Family! Your attorney will schedule a hearing before a judge. At this hearing the adoption will be legalized and the child will legally become a part of your family.

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