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Caldwell County woman finds her dad through pesky pop-up ad

(Credit: Family) (Credit: Family)

“I only knew half of me my entire life.” This Granite Falls woman says she now knows the whole part, which was 27 years in the making.

Anna Nicole Boone invited WBTV to share her slightly crazy story. Crazy in a good way. It includes karma, a pesky pop-up ad and a father she’d never met.

“After my mother died of ovarian cancer, I felt compelled to find him,” Boone said. “My mom had me as a single mom, but soon after married my stepfather. I loved him as a dad, but once my mom died I had a pressing urge to find my biological father. I hired private investigators and contacted adoption agencies. I tried everything. Nothing worked.”

She began imagining random people she’d met might be her father.

“I looked for him in strangers and on billboards, beaches, concerts. Men I’d see walking down the street,” she said. “I felt lost.”

Spoiler alert: Boone eventually did find him. That’s this picture you’re seeing. They met for the first time last week.

Amazingly, they’d been living just three hours away from one another.

How did it happen?

Boone said it was pure happenstance. An ad kept popping up on her computer. After seeing it repeatedly, being continually bugged by the ad not going away, Boone decided to click on it just to see if she could get the ad to stop appearing by looking at what it was offering.

The ad was for a sale on DNA testing through

“I started reading and knew right then it was a sign,” Boone said.

She received, took, sent back and got her test results within one month. A woman was listed as a “confident match" and Boone then reached out to her through email.

It turns out that this woman was Boone's aunt. who's name is Judy Serone.

From there, the two women started putting pieces together. Boone heard Serone had a brother close to her mother’s age. Serone reached out to him. His name was James Cassidy. Serone told him "I know this sounds crazy, but you may have a daughter."

He called Boone two weeks ago.

“We talked on the phone for an hour,” Boone said. “And then we FaceTimed for three more. We were both crying. I went to bed trying to take it all in.”

Last weekend, they met in person. Boone drove down to his home in Cornelia, Georgia, where she also met his wife and 14-year-old son, which is her half brother. Boone brought her baby pictures.

“I wanted to try giving him an idea of what I was like growing up," Boone said. 

How sweet is that? Even sweeter is what Boone said next.

“My dad was overjoyed to meet me,” she said. “But he also said he wanted to meet my stepfather. He said he wanted to shake his hand and thank him for raising such a beautiful woman.”

Boone said when it was time to leave, she kept putting her car in reverse, running back up to the porch and hugging her biological dad. They said they already missed each other.

“It seems so unlikely,” she said. “I know it’s hard to believe. I can barely believe it. But it’s real and hopeful and has changed my life. I can’t express into words how it feels to end the chapter with my mom, and start another with my dad.”

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