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Softball tournament heating up in Salisbury

Submitted photo from the 2016 tournament Submitted photo from the 2016 tournament

For the second straight year a regional softball tournament is being played in Salisbury on what appear to be the hottest days of the year.

“We were joking last night, I told the coaches and umpires that we were going to be a little cooler this year, " said Tournament Director Dan Wales. "Last year we were in excess of 100 degrees, and this year we’re going to hit 97, 98 every day, so, trust me, with the community support and hundreds and hundreds of cases o water, we’re going to take care of the kids and the umpires.”

The 2017 Southeast Regional Little League tournament is being played this weekend at the Salisbury Community Park.

“I think they’ll be fine,: said Judy Wolfe, whose granddaughter is playing for the West Virginia team.  "All these girls are in good physical condition and I’m sure their coaches are making sure they’re drinking lots of water, so I think they’ll be fine.”

Extra precautions have been taken to deal with any heat related issues.

“Cool them down, that’s why we have the cooling station, we have cold water misting, blowing on people, air conditioning inside, cool water, ice packs," said a firefighter on duty at a cooling station set up by the Salisbury Fire Department. “Stay hydrated, it’s very important out here, drink cold fluids, drink water especially, drink as much as you can, try to stay in the shade, don’t stay in the sun very often, that’s really the main stuff.”

Tips for preventing heat-related disorders:

• Ventilate work areas with fans as much as possible (only if the ambient air temperature is below 95 degrees Fahrenheit).

• Shield workers from machine-produced (“radiant”) heat when possible.

• Wear clean, lightweight, water-permeable clothing that allows free air circulation around the body.

• Avoid alcohol.   Provide water or sports drinks. During extreme heat, thirst alone cannot be relied upon to indicate fluid loss. Drink a cup of fluid every 15-20 minutes to help maintain fluid balance under heat stress conditions. 

Source: North Carolina Department of Labor

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