Heat in the Piedmont ignites business in the mountains

Heat in the Piedmont ignites business in the mountains

BLOWING ROCK, NC (WBTV) - After a lackluster winter where warm weather did not bring as many tourists to the North Carolina mountains, the summertime heat now is.

Hot temperatures in the Piedmont have many people scurrying to the mountains to beat the heat, says Tracy Brown, Executive Director of the Tourism Development Authority there.

"Because it is 15 to 20 degrees cooler up here than down in Charlotte," he said.

Shop owner Keith Neeves agrees with that.

"When I see your forecasters saying it's going to be a hundred degrees in Charlotte, we are thrilled," Neeves said.

While it is definitely cooler in the mountains, it certainly was not bone-chilling cold in Blowing Rock Thursday. The temperature was 82 degrees just after lunchtime.

In Avery County, a popular beat-the-heat spot is Grandfather Mountain. There the temperature was in the low 70s on Thursday. For some people, that bordered on too cool, but for Roger Nussman of Charlotte it was just right.

He said the weather was "Refreshing!"

With more hot weather expected in the coming days, officials expect a lot of tourists over the weekend. They advise anyone who is planning to stay overnight to call ahead to be sure there is room at the inn.

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