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Working and playing on this hot summer's day

Kids playing in the Fred Evans Pool in Salisbury Kids playing in the Fred Evans Pool in Salisbury

On what for many is the hottest day of the year so far, the heat is something that should be avoided, if possible.

All across the Carolinas folks were seeking the refuge of backyard or public swimming pools, or just staying in air-conditioned homes and offices.

For those who have to work outside, caution was the word of the day.

“It ain’t too bad man," said C.J. Rhodes, working at Sam's Car Wash in Salisbury on Thursday, "as long as you stay busy, stay hydrated, they got plenty of drinks, water fountain for us, so it’ ain’t too bad, we’ll get through it.”

Lots of swimmers were enjoying the refreshing waters at Eaman Park Pool and the Fred Evans Pool in Salisbury.

"I've been in the house all week so mom was like 'let's just go to the pool,'" said Seaira Middleton at Eaman Park.  

In downtown Salisbury there were quite a few shoppers on the sidewalks taking advantage of the discounts that are part of the annual Krazy Klearans promotion.

Many stores set up tents on the sidewalks to give customers, and workers, a little relief.

“We’ve been back and forth, we’ve got mom inside and we’re taking ten minute shifts inside and out," said sisters Meredith Little and Jenna Faggart at 3 Jems Boutique. "Yeah, it’s not too bad, she’s more hot natured than me, yeah, I don’t’ like being hot…she’s struggling but I’m okay.”

For many, the heat is more than just uncomfortable.

The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality in Raleigh has issued a Code Orange Air Quality Action Day for ground level ozone, in effect from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. for our area.

Ground level ozone concentrations within the region may approach or exceed unhealthy standards. Children, active adults and those with heart or respiratory disease should limit outdoor activity.

In addition, it is a Code Yellow day for particle pollution, meaning unusually sensitive people may be affected.

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