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VIDEO: Snake slithers from under woman’s car hood during I-40 commute


A woman says she realized she had an unwelcome hitch hiker on her commute to work last week when she saw what she thought was her windshield wipers start to slither across her car.

Justyn Knox says she was driving to work on Interstate 40 when she actually saw a snake coming out of her engine and crawling onto her windshield.

“I texted my boss and told him I’m going to be late to work I’m trapped by a snake,” said Knox.

Knox says the snake was in the hood of her car and she was worried it would get back in.

“I’m freaking out because I’m afraid somehow it can get to me” said Knox.

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Knox says she was worried no one would believe her, so she started recording the snake on her phone. Luckily for her, the snake eventually slithered away, but she still has flashbacks every time she has to drive.

“I did not want to get back in my car, I wanted to burn the car,” she said.

Knox says she left the city life in Durham to be closer to the country, but she says she wasn’t looking to get this close

“Yeah snakes, right? Maybe I should go back to the city,” she said.

Knox has stocked up on snake repellent and other things to keep any other creepy-crawlies out of her house.

She says a lot of people are asking her what kind of snake it was, but she says it doesn’t really matter.

“Any snake is a bad snake,” she said.

Knox posted the cell phone video and it already has more than 15,000 views.

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