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Couple reunited with dog who went missing on vacation thanks to 'God's grace'


A 5-year-old dog who went missing along the North Carolina coast while a couple was on vacation has been found and reunited with her family.

Her owners, Nick and Kim Bazzle from Taylorsville, were vacationing on Holden Beach earlier this month when Macy went missing.

“We’ve lost dogs to cancer, we’ve lost dogs to old age, but we’ve never just lost a dog and have not known what’s happened,” Kim Bazzle told WBTV's Molly Grantham.

They say Macy pushed under the fence in the backyard of the house they stayed in on their beach vacation. The couple camped out at the Food Lion for two days in their car, hoping Macy would show up. She never did. 

They returned to their home in Alexander County, distraught and heartbroken.

But the community in Holden Beach continued to look. Volunteers on four wheelers, golf carts, bicycles and in cars continued to canvass the area, even after they had to come home.

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Fifteen days later - Macy came home.

Nick was back in Holden Beach looking for her, when he heard a "familiar collar jingle" to his left. 

"When he turned he saw sweet Macy's face peering out at him over very thick brush about 30 yards away. He immediately fell to his hands and knees and began to call her name and she recognized his voice so she started leaping over dunes and ran until she got close enough to pass her sniff test," Kim wrote in a Facebook post on Monday. "Once he met her approval she attacked him with big sloppy kisses, as if to say 'Thank You Daddy'."

Nick took Macy to a veterinarian in Wilmington and said both ears were infested with ticks. 

"The doctor had to sedate her to remove all the ticks from her ears and her body. She's covered with insect bites and scratches from briars," Kim wrote. "She's also dropped 18 pounds and lost a lot of hair. But thankfully she didn't have any severe injuries."

Kim says Macy has a long way to go before she is "back to being normal."

"She's exhausted and has just enjoying laying around the cool house and sleeping in the bed with mommy and daddy," she wrote. "We are so grateful to so many that searched, prayed, called and supported us. I'm personally very grateful for my husband who is my hero. His faith in God, determination and love for his little girl allowed us to be together as a family again. The reward paid for finding our missing dog was God's grace and we give him thanks!"

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