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Questions for Troopers

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron at my desk in the WBTV Newsroom.

State Troopers arrest five people for street racing on highway 321.  But tonight, we have cell phone video of a Trooper vehicle apparently traveling at high speed without lights or sirens, going the wrong way.  This opens many questions and reporter Alex Giles is digging into some answers for 11:00.

The parents of accused quadruple murderer Cosmo DiNardo may face charges.  The Bucks County, Pennsylvania District Attorney says DiNardo used his mother’s gun to kill four young men, and possibly more.  Dinardo today told police he killed two other people previously.  Officials are looking into that claim.

A 21-year old in Lenoir is jailed and charged with slashing tires on 47 county and privately owned vehicles.  Why?  No real motive here except that Carlton Couto also faces drug charges.

After suffering through the two hottest days of the year last week, we are set to eclipse those temperatures by this weekend.  Our weather team is calling for upper 90’s with high humidity by the time Saturday rolls around.

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