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Lancaster Co church pays tribute to congregation member who was found dead in pond

Kristi O'Connor/WBTV Kristi O'Connor/WBTV
Kristi O'Connor/WBTV Kristi O'Connor/WBTV
Jerell Ketron Eugene White (Lancaster County Sheriff's Office) Jerell Ketron Eugene White (Lancaster County Sheriff's Office)

An event held by a Lancaster church to impact young adults was planned more than a year ago, but coincidentally fell a week after a member of their congregation was found dead. 

Jerell Ketron Eugene White, 22, of Lancaster went missing on July 5. White was last seen in the Primus Community of Lancaster around 1 a.m. hopping a fence. Three days later, White's body was found nearly 50 feet from where he was last seen.

An autopsy was performed July 6, but the results are not expected to be released for another two weeks. According to Altheresa Goode Howard, who is White’s Pastor, there were no gunshot wounds or stab wounds found on his body. However, many of White's family members believe his death was not an accident.

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On Saturday, White’s church, The Master’s Next Dimension Church, hosted the first annual Impact Day to honor local youth who are doing positive things in the community and to push others toward similar lifestyles.

“We want to be able to promote positive decisions, positive choices and positive things going on, because all we get to hear is the negative," Howard said.

Considering White was a member of the congregation, and died one week prior, the church also paid tribute to his life.

“He was a peoples person, he was a lovable person, he was a touchable person,” Joneen Hinton said, who is White's cousin. 

White's family is patiently waiting for the mystery surrounding their loved one's death to become a little more clear.

“We wake up every day praying that justice is served,” Hinton said.

While family members believe White's death may be at the hands of another individual, they say they will not become violent or take matters into their own hands.

“The peace that we have is because God gave it to us.” Hinton said. “We don’t take vengeance because the word of God is that vengeance is his.”

Instead, the family is relying on their faith to get them through this trying time and wish to pay tribute to White’s life by saving others.

"With Jerell's death we see even more the need to reach young people, to teach them to make wiser decisions, to know their value and their great potential,” Howard said.

"Even though his life was taken, we hope more people will come to God," Hinton said.

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