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Facebook scam may be targeting incoming NC State freshman

(Source: WBTV/File) (Source: WBTV/File)

RALEIGH, NC (David Hurst/WNCN) - N.C. State University officials are warning incoming college freshman about a potential scam on Facebook.

The university sent out an alert after they found out the Facebook group “NC State Class of 2021” was fake.

Those who are in the group have reported that group admins have been asking them for personal information, including housing location and residence hall assignments.

On the surface, the group looks legit but if you look closely, you’ll notice all the admins are from different schools and they’re also admins of other class of 2021 group’s across the country.

Incoming freshman are being asked not to respond to any requests from the group.

“I trust most people, but I guess I’ll be careful now,” said Laura Perone, a high school senior who was on campus Friday. “I’m definitely going to lookout for that but it’s just crazy people would do that.”

University police say there have not been any reported victims but they’re reminding all students to be mindful about what they post online.

“Ask a friend, ask an official and just make sure before you post personal information online,” said N.C. State Senior William Ragland.

In the alert, university officials point to their Information Technology’s website for tips on social media privacy.

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