Football tournament goes on despite hot temps

Football tournament goes on despite hot temps
(Ben Williamson | WBTV)
(Ben Williamson | WBTV)

MATTHEWS, NC (WBTV) - A seven-on-seven football tournament took place in Matthews on Friday and will continue into the weekend. Nearly 1,500 athletes from 10 different states arrived at the Sportsplex on what was one of the hottest days of the year.

"Drink water, plenty of Powerade. Just trying to find some shade," said Michael Robinson, who came to watch the tournament.

"It drains you, it drains you a whole lot," said Joshua Curry, a Myers Park football player.

Some of the top talent from across the country, many planning to play Division 1 football next year, were trying to stay cool with ice baths, towels, fluids, and any shade they could find.

"Cold with the towel, we have the ice towels. Hydrating ourselves," said Elijah Bowick, a top football prospect.

"Just a whole lot of ice. We have, like, three coolers of ice. We have our trainers here as well," said Curry.

Trainers from Novant Health were on hand all day to watch for signs of overheating.

"We have trainers that are out at each of the fields that are watching to make sure no one is overheating or things like that," said Mike Newman, the event coordinator. "Powerade at all the fields, water at all the fields."

Parents were huddled under umbrellas and tents, trying to stay cool. But some worried about their children.

"A little bit, because the boys do not always hydrate. Sometimes they wait until they are thirsty and then it is too late," said parent Vicki Gray. "He did have an undershirt on under his compression shirt and I noticed that has been removed."

The tournament lasts two days with the championship held on Saturday. The tournament offers elite teams the chance to play other elite talent that they would not be able to normally.

"I think out of the 1,500 guys we have out here, about 151 are going to be D1 next year," said Newman.

Despite the sun beating down on the players, Novant Health says there were no serious overheating incidents on Friday.

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