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Caught On Camera: Gun stolen from disabled vet’s car in Mount Holly

Surveillance video courtesy Gene Marshall. Surveillance video courtesy Gene Marshall.
Marshall (Alex Giles | WBTV) Marshall (Alex Giles | WBTV)

Disabled Veteran Gene Marshall said he contacted WBTV after watching a story about vehicle break-ins earlier this week.

In the story, Mount Holly resident Darby Carithers claimed he was shot at while pursuing a break-in suspect. Carithers said he thought the gun used against him may have been a weapon stolen from one of his neighbors.

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Now Marshall is wondering if it was his firearm that was fired in the incident early Monday morning.

Although it is not the gun Carithers and others thought was used Monday morning, Marshall also lost a firearm to a thief in the same area.

He said his .45 caliber pistol was stolen from his truck in late June. It happened overnight while Marshall was asleep inside of his home on Tuckaseege Road. The theft was recorded on the veteran’s home surveillance camera.

In the video, a man can be seen going through Marshall’s truck and he pulls what appears to be a handgun out of the vehicle. The man then leaves the property.

“What sickens me is the fact that he just comes in your property, takes what he wants and leaves,” said Marshall.

The disabled vet said he contacted police about the incident but has not been made aware of any arrests in the case.

He admits he left his car unlocked the night his firearm was stolen.

“I just forgot it. Normally I don’t but that day I did. Shame on me,” said Marshall. “I’m the one that’s the cause of it. If I had locked it, he’d have never got it.”

Earlier this week Mount Holly Police Chief Don Roper spoke about the importance of keeping firearms safe. 

“Be responsible gun owners. Make sure you secure firearms and leaving them in a vehicle (is) really not a good way to secure it," explained Roper.

He said Thursday that he was checking with detectives to make sure they had seen the video of the theft from Marshall's vehicle.

Marshall thinks the gun used in Monday's incident could have been the firearm stolen from his vehicle.

 “It could have possibly been mine," said Marshall. "I could step out on the porch one night and my gun get me, I don’t know and it's a scary thing."

Marshall advises all gun owners to record the serial numbers from their guns and he reminds everyone to lock their car doors. He hopes someone will recognize the man in his surveillance video and help police make an arrest.

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