Look closely at the picture... is Bigfoot walking around Catawba County?

MAIDEN, NC (WBTV) - It's a sight that can add a little jolt to your scenic drive along Startown Road in Maiden.

A 7-foot tall half-man, half-ape monster called Bigfoot appears to be seemingly walking out of the woods.

Many locals are familiar with the monster and his frequent spot across from the Country Market in the 5700 block of Startown Road, but they don't know where he came from.

WBTV did a little digging and found out, of course, it's not the real Bigfoot, but actually a plywood cutout painted black. The cutout is the brain-child of the fun-loving Morris Isenhour.

"We just thought it'd be fun," Isenhour said, who lives about a mile away from where he placed the cutout monster. The land is owned by the Country Market and patrons seem to enjoy the novelty.

"People go over there and take pictures with it. Most pretend he's chasing them," Isenhour said.

So now, if you drive down Startown Road and wonder just what Bigfoot is doing holding his stoic pose, you'll know he's just there to provide a smile.

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