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Davidson pushes forward with Beaty Street development plan


Davidson's Beaty Street property is a peaceful spot. Over the years, it's become home to the town's unofficial nature preserve, and Tanya Wilson has enjoyed it for 15 years. 

“These are old trees in here, 80 to 100 years old. Our kids grew up playing in these woods,” Wilson said. 

She loves how quiet the Beaty Street property is, which is why she and dozens of others turned up the volume outside Davidson Town Hall Tuesday evening, protesting the town's new intentions for Beaty Street.

For months, the town has been considering selling the property for mixed use development. But the "Save Davidson" group was formed to fight it. 

"Its 95 degrees out and this probably just represents the tip of the iceberg of people who care,” said Davidson resident Buzz Foster

Thirty years ago, the plot was sold to the town by a woman who asked it be turned into a park. 

“It’s just right now, tearing down all the 100-footfoot trees to put in hotels is kind of a sad thing,” Foster said. 

The group took their meeting inside and begged town commissioners not to sell the parcel.

“I don’t think I’ve talked to one person in town who supports it as it is,” one speaker said. 

The meeting was standing room only as residents and the commissioners debated the sale for hours. 

“You asked us lots of questions and took note of our answers. And while you heard from us I don’t think we were being listened to,” another speaker said. 

This is not a new debate in Davidson. What to do with the property has been discussed for years. But there they were again, listening to another proposal that would provide retail space, condos, a hotel and 7 acres of park.

The proposal touted job opportunities and a tax increase for the town of nearly $400,000. 

More than three hours after the meeting began, the board voted three to two to push the plan forward in a contentious room that was hoping to keep their serene space. 

The vote approval moving into contract negotiations with the developer. The town says they'll seek the input of the public during that process. 

If all goes through this project would be finished in the next three years.

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