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Two 15-year-olds accused of robbing younger boy at gunpoint in Fort Mill

(Kristi O'Connor | WBTV) (Kristi O'Connor | WBTV)

Two 15-year-old boys are facing a slew of felony crimes in the South Carolina juvenile court system after being accused of robbing another teen at gunpoint.

Fort Mill Police say it happened around 2:30 p.m. on Friday, June 30. The victim’s grandmother said the 14-year-old was lured out to a secluded path behind Walter Y. Elisha Park.

The boy was reportedly with one of the 15-year-olds, and they met another 15-year-old boy on the path, who the victim “knew of.”

Police say when the three boys were there, the two 15-year-olds attacked the 14-year-old. He was punched in the face and held at gunpoint. Then the teens snatched his cellphone and ran away.

The victim’s grandmother gave a few more details.

“They made him disrobe, started beating him, the whole time holding a gun on him and just left him, took his phone and just left the child like that,” she said.

The 15-year-olds were arrested shortly after. That is when police recovered the victim’s cell phone and the gun that was allegedly used against him. It turns out the weapon was actually an airsoft gun that looked like a real firearm.

“In this case, the victim had no reason to believe otherwise. It was shown to him as a real gun," Major Bryan Zachary with the Fort Mill Police Department said.

The victim’s grandmother says the boy is physically OK but shaken and nervous to start high school in the fall.

“Embarrassed, scared, humiliated, worried about going back to school,” she said. “You don't want to have your kids experience that ever in their life, but much less a child at that age."

Police say in this case there were no warning signs for the victim to know he was about to be attacked. That is why his grandmother wants to warn others not to be fooled, even by people you know.

“It’s a shame, just a shame you can’t trust anybody,” she said.

While Charlotte has seen an uptick in violent crimes in its teens and young adults, Fort Mill Police say this kind of crime committed at this age is rather rare.

“These are the types of things that we don't encounter very frequently, and we are thankful for that, at least in our jurisdiction where we don't encounter issues in ages that young here,” Major Zachary said.

The two boys, whose names have not been released, are being held in the Juvenile Justice Center in Columbia, SC, as they await hearings in York County’s family court.

They face a number of charges including, kidnapping, armed robbery, assault and battery, possession of a weapon in the commission of a violent crime and criminal conspiracy.

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