Autopsy: 8-week-old Rowan Co boy died from blunt force trauma to head

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - There is an active investigation underway at the Rowan Sheriff's Office concerning the death of 8-week-old Kingston Aistrop.

"It's really messed up man, it's been almost a year since my son passed away and they know it's from head trauma," said Braxton Beaver, who says he is the father of Kingston Aistrop.  The 8-week-old child died in July of last year.

According to the sheriff's report, the child was found unconscious in his bed at a home in the 100 block of Van Street in Rockwell on July 30, 2016. Investigators confirm that the child was living with his mother and her boyfriend at the time.

The mother no longer lives at the Van Street address, and has not for some time, according to the property owner.

In the last few days several family members, including the man who says he is Aistrop's biological father, have contacted WBTV with information about the case.

They say they have a medical examiner's report that shows the cause of death as a homicide that involved blunt force trauma. The official autopsy backs up that claim.

The autopsy states, "Based on the information received, autopsy findings, toxicology results, and the circumstances surrounding the death, as currently understood, it is our opinion that the cause of death is blunt force trauma of the head."

The report says homicide, but that isn't what the mother told her friends when it happened.

"She posted it on Facebook," said friend Danielle Pendleton.  "I guess she mourned about it, she didn't really post anything after they posted that the baby was dead and that it died of SIDS, she didn't really post anything else about the baby. I would consider her one of my sisters, I let her around my family, I let her around me, how could someone do that to her own child."

A petition on the page includes the following statement: "Someone murdered this baby and nothing is being done! He was reported to have deep bruises on his brow bone, and old bruising on his shoulder, including the blunt forced trauma to his head. He deserves justice for what was done to him!"

On Tuesday sheriff's investigators also confirmed that there is an investigation that has been ongoing, but that as of now, no charges have been filed in the case.

"This is almost been a year since my son was obviously killed," father Braxton Beaver told WBTV.  "It's really messed up man, it's been almost a year since my son passed away and I just want justice done for my son."

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