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Charges dismissed against man in Charlotte armed robbery cases

(Reuben Muiruri | WBTV) (Reuben Muiruri | WBTV)

A Charlotte man formerly accused of two armed robberies is now free after the Mecklenburg County District Attorney's Office says there was not enough evidence to pursue charges.

Police arrested David Thomas in June and charged him with the armed robbery of two QuickTrip gas stations. Police say the robberies happened within an hour of each other.

The family says it was told Thursday morning the charges were going to be dismissed.  Paperwork was filed on Friday and Thomas was released from jail early Saturday morning.

"I didn't even know I was going to be cleared of these false allegations," Thomas said. "Because I didn't know if I was ever going to come home again. I had faith in God they would find out the truth."

Thomas says he couldn't have committed the crimes. He says he doesn't even own a gun.

"I hate guns," he said. "I am not a person that just walks around carrying guns. I don't see a need. I don't have those type of issues in my life."

Police used a surveillance photo to identify Thomas as the suspect. The District Attorney's Office wrote it dismissed the charges because "at this time the State will be unable to meet the burden because the video is not of sufficient quality to definitely identify the defendant."

"I know they have no evidence on me," Thomas said. "Zero."

Thomas says being in jail nine days messed his mind up. He claims he lost time he will never get back.

"I missed my son's birthday," Thomas said. "I missed July 4. I missed other stuff that's really important in my life. I might have lost my job."

He also says he could lose the place where he lives because of the charges. He says this experience has taught him a lot about himself.

"I might be a little stronger than I knew I was," Thomas said. "I learned the people who really care about me really care about me."

Thomas is busy now trying to get his life back. He claims the ordeal proves changes should be made with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD).

"It ain't about trying to point no fingers or have no ill will energy toward the police," Thomas said. "I would expect people to do their job no matter what their job is, and I feel like maybe they need to take some extra steps to figure out a better way as to going about how they apprehend people out there. It's not fair, at the end of the day I am a victim."

CMPD says it believes Thomas is responsible for the crimes. The DA's office says CMPD must present new evidence if it wants to pursue the charges.

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