Man slips away from officers after six armed robbery attempts

Man slips away from officers after six armed robbery attempts

YORK COUNTY, SC (WBTV) - A man keeps escaping police after a string of armed robberies in York County and south Charlotte.

Investigators say the man, who hasn't been identified, never gets away with more than a hundred dollars or so. He has been brave enough to go back to stores he has already robbed, and now law enforcement is asking for your help in finding him before someone gets hurt.

His first stop was on June 25 around 5:00 a.m. at the 7-Eleven on Charlotte Highway in York. Dressed in black with a mask he walked behind the register and demanded the cashier give him money. She gave him about $50 and he told her to open the safe.

She told him she could not, he unsuccessfully tried to open it himself, then ran out of the store.

"They watched the video, said he had been peeping in the window for quite some time, waiting for her to turn her back" sales associate Anne Cheek said.

The 7-Eleven was the first store he targeted, but not his last and investigators noticed there appears to be a trend.

"He's standing on the side of the building, looking around the corner, peering around the corner, waiting for customers to leave and as soon as they're gone he goes in and robs the place," Trent Faris from the York County Sheriff's Office said.

Then three days later he attempted to rob the Kangaroo Express at 4044 on Charlotte Highway, but the clerk wasn't having it.

"She told him 'I'm on the phone with my mom' and he takes off, he didn't get anything," Faris said.

That time, a surveillance camera caught a glimpse of the car he left in. A gold Sebring with North Carolina tags.

While investigators were on the scene, they heard about another call across the state line. The suspect apparently tried his luck at a 7-Eleven on N. Tryon Street in Charlotte. That case is still under investigation.

He came back to York County on July 1 and went to another Kangaroo Express on Charlotte Highway and got away with about $160.

After this fourth time, investigators are on to him. With a tall, thin frame, the black man continues to wear all black clothing, a black mask and suggests he has a weapon.

"He said he had a handgun, the cashier never saw it, but it's implied," Faris said.

This time the suspect got even more courageous. He went back to two stores he already tried to rob previously. First, he went to the Kangaroo Express at 4044 Charlotte Highway, and successfully got away with the money.

Then he went down the road and tried to hit the other Kangaroo Express, but the store clerk recognized him and locked the door before he could get in.

Meanwhile, deputies were just about 20 seconds behind him.

"He slipped through our fingers this time."

If you have any information about the suspect, you're asked to call 803-628-3059 or 877-409-4321.

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