Rock Hill family pleading for memory card's return after thief steals camera

Rock Hill family pleading for memory card's return after thief steals camera
(Source: Benfield family)
(Source: Benfield family)
(Source: Benfield family)
(Source: Benfield family)

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) - When you're a parent, you know your child is not little forever. That's why Brandon and Rhonda Benfield snap so many pictures of their little boy, Kix.

"Just the other day I was swaddling him in my arms, and they do grow up fast," Brandon said.

Rhonda takes the photos and creates a yearly calendar to give out to their family and friends.

"He's probably had more photoshoots than Cindy Crawford, to be honest with you," Brandon said.

But there may be some missing months in next year's edition after they say someone smashed out the back window of their pickup truck and took something very special.

"I cried for hours. It was very just, sick to your stomach feeling, because you can't get that stuff back," Rhonda said.

She's talking about their camera and 20 memory cards that were stolen from the locked up truck in their driveway in Rock Hill.

"Should we have taken the camera inside? Yes, but it was late that night and we were trying to get our son to bed," Brandon said.

While The camera was worth a lot - about $2,000 - that's not the reason the family is so upset.

Some of the photos were backed up but dozens of others are gone, including ones from a recent trip to Disney World.

"The camera is an object that can be replaced, but the memories of my son Kix growing up, they can't be replaced," the father said.

They've been checking pawn shops and Craigslist just in case, but aren't hopeful the memory cards will turn up.

"It's a prayer. But most of the time they're just going to throw that stuff in a trash can," Rhonda said.

A picture has the power to transport us to another moment in time, and the Benfield's just hope the person responsible remembers that.

"I can get another camera, but I can't get those pictures back," Brandon said.

Rock Hill Police are investigating and have placed the camera's serial number in multiple databases that will let them know if it's sold to a pawn shop.

If you know anything about the missing camera, call Rock Hill Police at 803-329-7200.

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