Cuteness overload at CMPD's new kitten nursery

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - From the moment you walk in the room at Charlotte-Meckelnburg Police Department's (CMPD) Animal Care & Control, the sound of kittens meowing grabs you by the heartstrings.

The kitten nursery is sort of a NICU for tiny kittens too young to survive on their own. Usually, the babies are found orphaned and alone.

The special unit opened up in April and has helped hundreds of kittens make their way out of infancy. The unit is staffed completely by volunteers who spend hours each day cleaning, bottle-feeding, and cuddling the kittens.


One volunteer said it's a lot of work, but rewarding in every way.

The kitten nursery was funded by grant money and is an effort to help the most helpless of the stray cat population.

The kittens must be fed by bottle every three hours and have to have help from humans to even go to the bathroom.

Volunteers say they're committed to helping and seeing to it, and making sure that the babies don't suffer just because they don't have parents.

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