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Protect your pets and children from the dangers of a hot car

Know the dangers of leaving a child or pet in a hot car

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This summer is turning out to be one of the hottest ones yet, and it definitely feels like it. One of the worst things is coming back to your car after it has been parked for a while and opening it up. It feels like you’ve open up a door to an inferno! Imagine if you are a pet or child, the heat would feel even worse! When traveling with pets or children near Charlotte, it’s important that you’re completely aware. And that’s why Toyota of North Charlotte wants to give you some facts about the dangers of leaving a pet or child in a hot car. We’ll also let you know what the laws are in regard to this topic.

What to know about hot cars

Unfortunately, North Carolina is ranked sixth in the entire country for the most childhood deaths caused by being left in a hot car according to a national count of related incidents. That means it’s definitely something to look out for when traveling with children and pets near Charlotte!

Most people don’t realize exactly how fast cars can heat up, and feel as though they would be back in time before their loved ones suffer any sort of negative side effects. However, it’s been shown that a car can heat up over 20 degrees in as little as ten minutes. And cracking the windows and parking in the shade doesn’t really help too much either. You might think about leaving the A/C on, but our dealership near Charlotte would never recommend that. Someone could easily take advantage of that situation.

A car can reach 110 degrees when temperatures outside are only in the 60s! And what’s worse, the body temperatures of children and pets can heat up to five times faster than an adult’s. That’s what makes leaving them in a hot car near Charlotte so dangerous!

Making sure your children and pets are removed from a hot car before you lock up is more important than any other item you should remove from a hot car.

How pets and children near Charlotte are protected

The same way that you protect your car from the stains and messes your furry friend could leave as they are riding in the back, there are laws that apply to areas near Charlotte that protect pets against harm from being left in a hot car.

North Carolina’s animal cruelty statutes include the “Confinement of animals in motor vehicles” statute. This allows law enforcement officers, firefighter, rescue squad workers, or animal control or animal cruelty officers to enter a vehicle by any reasonable means in order to protect the health and safety of an animal if the owner cannot be reached.

There are also laws being proposed in reference to children being left unattended in vehicles that could make their way to the areas near Charlotte soon.

Toyota of North Charlotte hopes that we’ve helped you understand the dangers of leaving children and animals in hot cars. If you would like more family and pet safety tips, be sure to give our dealership near Charlotte a call at (888) 883-3797. 


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