Taylorsville couple loses dog on vacation in Holden Beach

Taylorsville couple loses dog on vacation in Holden Beach

TAYLORSVILLE, NC (Molly Grantham and Kelcey McClung/ WBTV)- Five-year-old Macy is missing.

I don't usually post about "lost pets" because I'll be honest, we get about a half dozen a day. But this story about Macy stands out. She was lost while on vacation in Holden Beach, so now her owners are back home in Taylorsville and can't look for her in the place where she went missing.

They are really depending on social media and word of mouth.

"We've lost dogs to cancer, we've lost dogs to old age, but we've never just lost a dog and have not known what's happened," Kim Bazzle said.

Kim and Nick went to Holden Beach last weekend. Macy pushed under the fence in the backyard of the house they stayed in. She got out on Saturday morning.

Nick and Kim camped out at the Food Lion in Holden Beach for two days in their car, hoping Macy would show up. She never did. They returned
to their home in Alexander County, distraught and heartbroken.

Meantime, the community in Holden Beach has continued to look. Kim says volunteers on four wheelers, golf carts, bicycles and in cars are canvassing the area.

"People are even going to dog shelters and reporting back," Kim said. "It's incredible. I've never heard of anything like it."

Kim's fear is someone may have picked Macy up and taken them with her.

"We think someone may be traveling away from the area with her," Kim said. "That's why we need to get the word spread anywhere and everywhere we can."

Macy isn't chipped, but she had a collar with tags. Kim and Nick think it's possible she may have slipped out of her collar while someone was trying to catch her. People have called to report hit animals on the road- the Bazzles confirmed neither was Macy.

That gives them hope.

If you think you've spotted Macy, email Kim at bazzle1@hughes.net. Or if you prefer, you can email me at Mgrantham@wbtv.com and I can forward any email directly to her and Nick. I can't (and don't want to) publicly post people's phone numbers, but Kim says they'll follow up on every email.

"She's a sweet, beautiful dog," Kim said. "We just want to see her come home."

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