Salisbury police officer assaulted while making arrest

Salisbury police officer assaulted while making arrest

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - A Salisbury police officer was assaulted, but not hurt, during an arrest on Wednesday night.

According to the report, officers spotted Andra Lavar Black, 35, of Airport Road, sitting in the passenger seat of a car that was parked in the 1700 block of 2nd Street at around 10 pm.

Black had outstanding warrants on drug charges.

When police approached the car, Black was "trying to hide something underneath his left leg."  An officer told him to stop moving, but Black did not comply.

According to the report, the officer pulled the car door open and Black began to scuffle with the officer, pushing him in the chest and refusing to comply with the officer's instructions.

Black also threw something in the bushes that was later identified as .6 grams of crack cocaine.

Police used a stun gun to subdue Black.

Black was taken into custody and charged with the two outstanding drug warrants, as well as new charges for resisting police, assault on a government official, and drug possession.

Bond was set at $80,000.

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