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Bond set for accused ISIS sympathizer in Charlotte

Alexander Samuel Smith Alexander Samuel Smith

An alleged ISIS sympathizer must come up with $25,000 for bond if he is to be released from the Mecklenburg County Jail. Information in the case against Alexander Smith is based largely on federal court documents.

According to those documents, Smith is also known as Amir Alexander. Among the stipulations of his release is that he must agree to GPS monitoring, maintain or seek employment, and stay away from firearms and drugs.

One of Smith’s anonymous supporters showed up in court and had no comment after the proceedings ended, but last month after Smith's arrest she had a lot to say.

“You need to put on there ISIS is us. That's what you need to put on there. He is not ISIS. The government is ISIS," the woman told WBTV.

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The government alleges through documents that Smith wanted to leave Charlotte for Syria to fight alongside the Islamic State. Agents contend he even tried to seek help from someone else to get there using "buddy passes" or discounted plane tickets.

Another condition of Smith's release is he must surrender his passport, and not travel outside of North Carolina.

Few words came from his attorney, Kevin Tate, during Wednesday's court appearance.

"No comment, OK guys? Thank you," Tate said.

Government attorney Casey Arrowood was equally as non-vocal. 

“Again, no comment,” Arrowood said.

Smith entered a plea of not guilty and is asking for a jury trial.

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