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Warrant: $48k missing from BB&T Ballpark safe, employee with 'bulging pockets' questioned

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More than $48,000 was potentially embezzled from BB&T Ballpark at the beginning of July, according to warrant released Wednesday.

According to an interview between a Charlotte Knights employee and police, $32,057 was taken from a sealed deposit bag that was locked inside a safe maintained by Professional Sports Catering (PFC) at BB&T Ballpark. 

Another $16,500, considered "loose money," was also missing from a separate deposit bag. 

The Knights employee listed above told CMPD that the employee under investigation is one of two people who have the combination to the PFC safe.

Officers met with the employee in question and found "multiple discrepancies" in his account of the day the money was last seen. 

Police also noted the employee in question could be seen on surveillance footage exiting the money room on July 1 with "bulging pockets."

"The Knights are aware that there is a potential mishandling of funds from the food service operation and we are working with CMPD in the investigation," the Charlotte Knights released in a statement Wednesday.

Since the employee has not been charged or arrested, WBTV is not releasing the employee's name.

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