ADORABLE: Concord firefighters respond to emergency call, help tuck elderly man into bed

ADORABLE: Concord firefighters respond to emergency call, help tuck elderly man into bed

CONCORD, NC (WBTV) - It's nothing new for firefighters to respond to calls for lifting assistance. But early Monday morning, the crew from Concord Fire Department's Engine 7 experienced a first when they tucked an elderly gentleman into bed.

Firefighter Lieutenant Melanie Jordan, who drives Engine 7, said the call came in as a lifting assistance for an 89-year-old man who'd fallen while coming out of his bathroom. The man wasn't injured, but his wife wasn't able to get him to his feet.

That's where Engine 7 responded and did far more than they were required to.

"We got him up to his feet but they were numb from being on the floor, so we said we'd wait with him for a bit to make sure he was okay," Lt. Jordan said.

The crew of Engine 7 then chatted with the elderly gentleman and his wife and learned more about the man they'd responded to help.

"We learned they'd been married for 70 years, he'd served in the military, and liked woodworking," Jordan said. "After a bit, his feet felt better and he was ready to go back to bed."

Firefighters aren't required to stay and chat with patients they respond to, nor were they required to do what they did next.

Lt. Jordan said it was a joy to not only help the man up off the floor, but also to help literally, "tuck him in" to bed.

"Captain Bolick helped him swing his legs up on the bed and pulled the covers up over him and tucked him in," Jordan said, "We all laughed about the "tuck in service". They were so apologetic for getting us up (the call came after midnight) but we assured them it was no problem."

Jordan said the experience is what makes the job of being a firefighter so rewarding, "We enjoyed meeting them. It's nice to get to know our citizens."

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