Democrat Vi Lyles raises $215,000 for Charlotte’s mayoral race

Democrat Vi Lyles raises $215,000 for Charlotte’s mayoral race

CHARLOTTE, NC (Jim Morrill/The Charlotte Observer) - Democrat Vi Lyles said Saturday that she has raised $215,000 for her mayoral race.

Lyles said she raised the money from over 1,000 individuals.

"I am thrilled with the show of support for this campaign in bringing new leadership to our city," she said in a statement. "Charlotte deserves a mayor that is focused on improving all neighborhoods, and a leader with the vision to bring our city together culturally and economically."

Reports for state Sen. Joel Ford and Mayor Jennifer Roberts, the other main Democratic candidates, were not available. Reports reflect fundraising and spending through the first half of the year. They're not due to be made public until late this month.

Ford, Lyles and Roberts are expected to face off in the Sept. 12 Democratic primary.

Through the first six months of 2015, Roberts had raised $302,000. Then-incumbent Democratic Mayor Dan Clodfelter had raised $183,000.

The two-week filing period for mayor, City Council and other local offices opens Friday.