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Two arrested in connection in stealing batteries from Gaston Co cell towers

Joshua Scott Evans Joshua Scott Evans
Goldie Evans Goldie Evans
Gaston County, NC -

Stolen cell phones are a constant crime problem, but police are seeing a new trend connected to wireless communication. Cell phone towers are standing targets for battery thieves. 

Jeffrey Bowers lives next door to one of the cell towers that was robbed last month on Neal Hawkins Road in Gastonia.

"It's a little unnerving. I mean, this is pretty quiet other than a little traffic on Neal Hawkins Road," Bowers said. 

According to the Gaston County Police Department, that was one of more than a dozen crimes connected to the same alleged thieves. Now, other local law enforcement agencies want to know more about the robberies.

"We have a couple cases here in Mount Holly where someone has broken into cell towers, and we're interested to see if there are any similarities," said Mt Holly Police Chief Don Roper.

Joshua Scott Evans is in the Gaston County Jail where he faces more than 40 felony and misdemeanor charges of larceny and trespassing. Evans' bond was set for $275,000.

Goldie Nicole Evans is also connected to the robbery. She's accused of possessing stolen property and was given a bond of $25,000.

"I'm kind of surprised that anything happened here," Bowers said.

This could come as a surprise for some phone users because towers with missing batteries could result in a loss of cell service if there's a power outage. Copper and batteries are desired commodities by those gaining access to properties that are normally off limits.

"A lot of times we find that some places are easier targets, the go-to places for those types of metals," Roper said.

Late Friday afternoon, an investigator in the case said Joshua Evans and Goldie Evans may be connected to 30 cases. 

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