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Neighbors recall gun battle between would-be robbers, victims in attempted break-in

(Jordan Sawyers | WBTV) (Jordan Sawyers | WBTV)
(Jordan Sawyers | WBTV) (Jordan Sawyers | WBTV)
Wigfall (Source: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department) Wigfall (Source: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department)

Alan is one of a few neighbors who remembers when the Northbrook neighborhood was being built. 

Living there 17 years, he says he cannot recall a time quite like Monday evening.

"At 6:30-ish, I was sitting in the living room watching TV, just got home from work, let the dogs out, started dinner, all of a sudden hear loud noises," said Alan, who thought the noise was firecrackers.

"Started walking out the door, the neighbor was leaning against my car shooting – said somebody just tried to break into their house, get in my house, get cover," Alan said.

The incident happened at a home in the 3000 block of Christian Scott Lane. Police say two men attempted to break into a home, and started shooting.

The man who lives in the house said the suspects tried to get in through the garage and fired shots. 

Neighbors say the victims and the suspects exchanged gunfire that spilled out on the street.

Alan, the neighbor whose car has damage to the back passenger door and window from at least two bullets, says he understands why his neighbor shot back.

"Defending his house, defending his life. They shot their way in his house. He has a right to defend himself. He’d be dead if he didn’t have a gun," Alan says. "Unfortunately that’s the way society is now. You gotta be able to defend yourself."

On neighbors' security camera video, you can hear the gunshots and see two men running. 

At one point, a car pulls up and one of the suspects get in. The car takes off while the second suspect was running, stumbling, trying to catch up.

The second suspect can be seen crossing neighbors' lawns, trying to get away.

Another house nearby has a bullet hole.

Next door to that house was Conrad John,  sitting in his garage with the door up as he normally does in the evenings. He says he heard a noise and saw neighbors coming out and going back inside their houses. 

He didn't realize what was coming his way. 

"He came from back where I can't see so it's only when he reached there I see him," John said.

The 78-year-old man said that the suspect, who was partially dressed at the time, appeared in front of his garage - and looked "panicky". 

John said his instincts told him to go inside the house. He got up and he says as he headed in, he closed the garage door.

It didn't close fast enough.

"He ducked below and come in but by that time he was inside already and I locked the door and the garage door come down and he was knocking."

John was safe inside his house, and says the man was knocking on the door that led from their garage to the kitchen, and yelling for them to call 911.

John's wife says she called police while the suspect was trapped inside their garage. 

They say the man located the garage door opener and let himself out. 

Police were waiting outside the door.

Amon Deontate Wigfall, 33, was arrested in the case. 

Wigfall was charged with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, possession of a firearm by felon, aid and abet, felony breaking and entering and three counts of shooting into an occupied property.

The second suspect got away in a car driven by an unknown female, according to police.

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