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Toyota still tops the chart for the most valuable car brands in the world.

Toyota is still the most valuable car brand in the world!

Reliable new Toyota Reliable new Toyota
New cars to fit your life in N Charlotte New cars to fit your life in N Charlotte

We aren’t surprised by this bit of news, but you might want to know that Toyota is still considered the most valuable car brand in the entire world! This is more than likely thanks to all the hard work Toyota puts into every one of their vehicles to ensure reliability and dependability whether it’s from the vehicles design or the Toyota technology installed. Our Toyota of N Charlotte team has taken an in-depth look at and how the dependability and reliability of their cars set Toyota apart from other auto makers.

What makes Toyota vehicles the most valuable cars

 You may think that it is only big wigs and suits choosing which auto makers have the most valuable cars. If you ARE thinking that way, you’d be wrong. Consumer Reports held their Annual Auto Reliability Survey in 2016, and results found that Toyota is truly a standout for reliable cars. And remember, reliable cars in N Charlotte are valuable cars.

Another report from Consumer Reports found that in a list the ranked the top 10 most reliable vehicles over all sizes and price points, the number one car was the Toyota Prius! But that’s not all. The Toyota 4Runner and three Lexus models (Toyota owns Lexus) made the list as well. That means that the Toyota Motor Company had five of the top ten most reliable vehicles!

So, if we to guess…the dependability and reliability of Toyota models make it a revolutionary automaker for valuable cars. Remember how we mentioned being the most valuable car brand in the world? That was awarded by AutoWeek. They have conducted an annual study for the past 12 years, and out of those 12 years, Toyota has been voted the most valuable car brand for 10 years!

Find a new Toyota in N Charlotte today

All of the new Toyota in N Charlotte are reliable a dependable choices! Not only that, they are considered valuable cars long after the signing date. We have a variety of cars that fit any budget without skimping out on features. We carry six different vehicle categories at Toyota of N Charlotte, and here are our top picks for each one:

  • Pickup Trucks – Toyota Tundra
  • Small SUVs – Toyota RAV4
  • Midsize SUVs – Toyota 4Runner
  • Compact cars – Toyota Prius
  • Subcompact cars – Toyota Prius C
  • Minivans – Toyota Sienna

And even if you decide later down the road that you need a new vehicle, our Toyota vehicles in N Charlotte have great resale value! Toyota models were rated as the top normal (meaning non-luxury) car brand that holds its resale value by Kelly Blue Book. They even have a top five vehicles list and Toyota models take up three of those slots!

Have you decided to try out a new Toyota yet? Schedule a test drive today at our dealership in N Charlotte! Call us at (888) 883-3797. We’re located at 13429 Statesville Road from Exit 23 off I-77 in Huntersville. 


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