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Toyota of N Charlotte shares hurricane preparedness tips

Kick off your hurricane preparedness now with Toyota of N Charlotte

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Hurricane season is here! We’re not exactly a coastal city here in Charlotte, but if a storm hits the state, we definitely see effects. High winds, heavy rain, flooding, and tornadoes are all a real possibility from June to November. That’s why at our N Charlotte Toyota dealership, we recommend you start hurricane preparations NOW – if you’re ready ahead of time, you’ll save money and also avoid stress. Let’s get started!

Hurricane preparedness saves you time AND money

Tip #1: Know what your plan is. Are you going to stay, or are you going to evacuate? You should decide what conditions precipitate an evacuation – for example, if the storm gets bigger than a Category 3. This element of hurricane preparedness can save you a lot of time and money, and also ensure your safety.

Tip #2: Plan your route. If you’re going to evacuate, know where you’re going to go and where you’ll stay when you get there. Plot your route so you’re familiar with it, and also plot an alternate route in case you hit heavy traffic on your way out of town. Our N Charlotte Toyota dealership also recommends checking ahead of time to see if pets are allowed at your final destination – if you evacuate, your four-legged friends will need to come with you!

Tip #3: Keep your car road-ready. Another major part of hurricane preparedness is ensuring that your car is ready to hit the road at a moment’s notice. Gas up before the storm gets close, and make sure you’re up to date on routine N Charlotte auto service like oil changes, tire rotations, brake service, and battery maintenance. The last thing you want is to have a car that can’t get you where you need to go when a hurricane is on the way.

Toyota of N Charlotte can help you prep your car

Tip #4: If you’re going to stay, prepare your car accordingly. You should tape up the windows (it won’t stop them from breaking, but it can help with glass cleanup) and tarp it if it’s going to be out in the elements to prevent scratches from small debris. Take pictures of it before the storm arrives for your insurance company (just in case something happens to it), and be sure to remove all important paperwork, valuables, and electronics from the inside. This step of hurricane preparedness can save you a lot of money.

Tip #5: Pick a parking spot. It’s ideal if you park your car in an enclosed garage during a hurricane, but if you can’t swing that, our N Charlotte Toyota dealership recommends looking for a parking garage or a covered parking spot – every little bit helps. If you have to park it out in the open, avoid parking it next to trees or anything else that can fall on it, and stay away from low-lying areas that may flood.

If you need to prep your car for a storm, come on in and see us – our N Charlotte Toyota service center can help you with all of your hurricane preparedness steps! We’re ready and waiting for you at 13429 Statesville Road.

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