Charlotte bar owner shot and killed inside his establishment

Charlotte bar owner shot and killed inside his establishment

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A weekend shooting inside a Charlotte bar claimed the life of the man whose name is listed on state records as the applicant for the liquor permit.

Since 2015, Nelson Sosa has had permits for malt beverage [beer] at Tropical Bar Restaurant and Game Room on Tuckaseegee Road.

State ABC officials say there are no violations on record. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say during the last three months, they haven't had any calls for service.

"And I've been in this area 17 years," says Lt. Andy Royston of CMPD's Freedom Division, whose coverage area includes Tropical Bar. "And really nothing major in and out of that place."

Then, Saturday night happened.

Police say they received a 911 call for a person shot. Officers say when they arrived they found a man, later identified as Sosa, with more than one gunshot wound. Medics rushed the 41-year-old to the hospital, but he didn't survive.

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Sources say police know who they're looking for.

"There was some kind of disturbance inside the tropical bar not sure what started it," Lt. Royston said.

He says witnesses saw Sosa and the other man talking to each other.

"Not necessarily an argument, but they were talking or something," Lt. Royston said. "I'm not sure if it was an argument or what, how it was described by witnesses."

Investigators have not released much information about the case, and the victim's relatives declined to talk.

What's clear is an establishment that stayed off the radar suddenly landed in the spotlight - and in the middle of a homicide investigation - and the owner is the victim.

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