Baby born on side of Charlotte interstate as couple tries to get to hospital

Baby born on side of Charlotte interstate as couple tries to get to hospital

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - To say that Wilkes Vroon came into the world quickly would be an understatement. His mother, Alex Vroon, gave birth on the side of I-485 late Wednesday as the family was headed to the hospital.

"I started feeling contractions and I thought, 'this might be it, but I am not sure,'" said the mother. "We started driving and I started screaming and I said, 'pull over!'"

Near Exit 6, with the help of her husband and her doula, Alex gave birth.

"We wanted to get her in the car so she could recline. I went to tell her that she could get in the car, and there was his head. Our doula, Stacey, looked over and told me to catch my baby," said Charlie Vroon, the father.

Alex and Charlie both say they remained calm the whole time, despite giving birth in the grass.

"It was very natural. It was in the grass," said Alex Vroon.

They were even able to share a moment of shock and joy before MEDIC took them to the hospital.

"I looked at her and said, 'you just had a baby on the side of the road. In the grass!'" said Charlie Vroon.

Both mom and baby Wilkes are doing well, and the family is set to leave the hospital late Friday. The couple plans to have more children but hopes the next one isn't delivered on the side of the road.

"I want to do a home birth next time, and Charlie was a little uneasy about that. Now, he said, 'I think we can handle that,'" said Alex Vroon.

Charlie agreed.

"If we can do it on the side of the road, we can do it anywhere."

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