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The Brows Are Back: Reporter gives self 'facelift' on Facebook Live, hilarity ensues

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Look who's back, back again. Sexy's back - tell a friend.

A couple week's after she went viral while trying out the 3 Second Brow, Kristen Hampton is back with another beauty product testing video.

Earlier this month, Hampton decided to do a Facebook Live testing the 3 Second Brow and it was an instant hit and has been viewed millions of times across the internet.

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After her mom gave her a little mom-couragement, saying she was starting to look a little old, she decided it was time for product test number two. And a little gun.

This time, it was Art Harding's Instant Face And Neck Lift.

"I've also got that little bit of jowl going on here, but still sexy," Hampton said in her video.

We won't tell you how the product is supposed to be used, because as she admitted: "It's so simple to use, it says, and I hardly even read the directions."

But of course, before she even started Hampton already had on her internet-famous 3 Second Brows and another product called the Perfect Smile Veneers.

"Nobody said getting ready to get sexy is sexy. Just the finished product," she joked in the video with two pieces of the facelift product hanging from her face.

"Oh yes. Oh my God, I'm 15 years younger," she said after attaching the product to her face. "Look at me, oh."

At one point during her video, a woman named Ashley commented about the number of people watching her Facebook Live.

"I don't like to call them viewers," she said to Ashley. "I like to call them consumers of sexy... or visitors to Sexytown... or passengers on the sexy train."

A viewer told Hampton "when I'm down, I like to go back and watch your videos," which is what Hampton says makes her happy.

"I spent yesterday in such a tickle, reading all the comments," she said after her first product testing video went viral. "I acted like a clown for 30 minutes and people were writing me to say they were having a bad day until they watched my video. You can't beat that feeling."

Hampton provided the people watching the video with a few "closing words."

"You are only as sexy as you feel. And if you feel like you look good - then girls and boys - you do!" she said.

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