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'You feel like a part of you has been killed' says sister of slain barber

(Photo courtesy family) (Photo courtesy family)

Colleagues and relatives say David Lindsay was one of the good guys whose absence is being felt deeply.

"You feel like a part of you has been killed," says older sister Rebecca Lindsay. "You feel like a part of your soul, your family, your heart has been ripped away from you."

David Lindsay was found shot to death Tuesday night in his vehicle outside his home on Eastwycke Place. His family says he had just pulled up and his vehicle's headlights were still on when he was found. 

"David was a person who was very outgoing, entrepreneur business person, artistic," his sister says. "A man who loved animals, loved people, loved life, loved nature, and above all he also loved God very much. That was my brother in a nutshell." 

Rebecca Lindsay says her brother developed his talent and flair for barbering. While people from all walks of life sought out his chair, she says her brother often went to get those for whom a hair cut was a luxury. 

"Anytime he saw homeless people - he had a heart for the suffering. He would come out of the shop, ask them to come in, and cut their hair for free and not ask for anything in return just to help them," she says. ""I pray that they find whoever did this. I really do because they took away a very innocent soul. Somebody who would never do that to someone else ever."

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police have not released any updated information about the case. 

Neither family nor colleagues can figure out why someone gunned down Lindsay. 

"We got a call from his sister to tell us the news. We were devastated, couldn’t believe it. It just didn’t add up to the person that we know, to the person that we’ve known for the last 12 years. "It just didn’t make sense," says Damian Johnson. "David was an all round leader. He was a positive force in this community. He mentored men and women, young and old so he was a solution to the problem. He definitely was not a problem."

Johnson, who owns No Grease Barbershop in Charlotte where David Lindsay worked, says they last saw him on Monday. 

"Last time we saw David he was cutting his father’s hair. His mother was here. We all were having laughs, enjoying one another. It was a regular Monday evening for us when we last saw him," Johnson told WBTV.  

Johnson says Lindsay didn't work on Tuesday.

By the end of Tuesday, the 29-year-old barber was killed - just ten days shy of his 30th birthday, which would have been on July 1. 

Johnson says the barbershop closed for business on Wednesday out of respect.

"Actually a young lady came by yesterday (Wednesday) just to leave a card because he came by her dance recital Sunday and she was coming by to tell him thank you, not knowing he had passed," Johnson recounted. "She was just thrown to the floor because she was coming her to thank him thinking he was still alive so that’s the type of person he was."

By Thursday afternoon, flowers and cards covered the desk at Lindsay's station at the barbershop. A cloth covered his chair.

"We won’t be able to fill his absence," Johnson says. "He was just a one of a kind person." 

Johnson says as part of the North Carolina Local Barber Association, his shop worked with CMPD for the last couple of years on community engagement. He says Lindsay did his part to help the community.

"Damian Lindsay was a great talent, great personality, just a genuine good guy. He was a very gifted brother when it came to the art of barbering," Johnson says. "He was just a better person. Great human being."

This weekend No GreaseBarbershopp will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a block party outside the shop on West Trade Street in Mosaic Village.

Johnson says they'll pay tribute to Lindsay. 

"David went to our barber school. He’s part of our whole development the last 12 yrs. He worked with us, then he opened up his own shop, then he came back with us two years ago." 

Lindsay's sister, Rebecca, and other family members are making their way to Charlotte - with a part of them gone. 

"Very devastated," she says.

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