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Ralph Norman basking in the glow of congressional victory


Newly-elected South Carolina Congressman Ralph Norman is expected to be sworn in Monday by House Speaker Paul Ryan.

In Norman's case, gratitude from his congressional win was delivered to voters face to face.

"For the 40 plus thousand people that voted for me. They came out for me. They believed in what we were doing," Norman said.

"Hard fought" and "lots of ads" define the contest in South Carolina's 5th congressional district race between Norman and Democrat Archie Parnell. However, voters say a series of issues lured them to the polls.

Steve Henderson, who lives in York, said the choice was easy.

"I think it's important that we keep a Republican in place to reform health care and reform taxes," he said.

Rock Hill's Marian Moran wants to see an ending to gridlock.

"I hope they work together. I'm tired of everybody bumping and nothing ever happening and nothing getting done," she said.

Pork and politics go hand in hand at Rock Hill's Dixie Pig, and these days conversations over Congress was a non-menu item. Paul Pflug is the restaurant owner.

"There's a lot of issues going in the country and what everybody is looking for is some cooperation hopefully," he said.

Political handicappers like WRHI radio's Manning Kimmel who were sizing up the race were stunned with a margin of victory 2,800 votes.

"Everyone thought this was going be a clean sweep, but it was much closer than we thought," Kimmel said.

On the day after his win, Norman was sticking to his campaign guns and theme.

"I'm a Conservative," Norman said. "I'm a business person who believes government ought to run like a business."

Norman will have little time before the next campaign season. The seat he won is up for grabs next year.

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