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Gastonia councilman hoping to combat crime after shootings in his neighborhood

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Gastonia City Council member Todd Pierceall says there have been multiple shootings in his neighborhood in the past few weeks. He says he recently had to get down and hide from gunfire just outside his own home.

"Kind of behind those trees, yeah,” Pierceall said as he pointed to the site just down the block where he heard several gunshots last week. “You could tell it was probably several different calibers from the noise it was making. It was, 'pow-pow, pow-pow.'”

He says he instantly got down and ran inside to call 911, afraid of what may be happening just a few doors down.

“We have a pretty good neighborhood, and we do look out for each other, but to have something like that really just kind of shakes you up,” Pierceall said.

It was a tough week for his community. On Sunday, June 11, a person was shot at the Glenn Oaks apartments on Gleen Street. On Thursday, June 15, the shooting near happened near his home on Scruggs Street.

The next day, another shooting took place on Scruggs Street.

Neighbors are not happy either.

“We hear shots all the time, and it’s dangerous, you know what I mean," Kelvin Collier said. "Especially with little kids. Bullets don’t have a name.”

“I want to move, but we don’t have the money to, so something needs to be done,” a pregnant mother said.

Councilman Pierceall agrees.

Pierceall said he sat down with the Gastonia police chief Monday afternoon to talk about his own neighborhood’s crime.

“The police are aware of obviously what was going on, and are very conscious of their role of patrols and maintaining the safety of this neighborhood,” Pierceall said.

Pierceall says he and the chief talked about introducing more community engagement into the neighborhood, and more officer interaction with the public.

Police said they do have warrants out for some of the people involved in those neighborhood shootings, but no arrests have been made.

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