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Found camera holds photos of adventure, but who does it belong to?


On a piece of notebook paper written by hand, Scott Hood of Collettsville spelled out the story of the camera he found with a card inside. He said it was in the woods near Blowing Rock. 

Scott mailed the letter to WBTV asking for help finding the owners.

The camera looked like it had been run over and was destroyed. Scott took the camera home and discovered an intact SD card inside. On that card, he found a treasure trove of photos of people who would probably love to have them back.

Scott asked us to share the pictures in hopes someone might recognize the people in them.


In the photos, it appears several people went on an incredible adventure through Ohio, West Virginia, and North Carolina at least. 

They rode bikes and stayed in tents. They saw wildlife and beautiful scenery. Through summer and into the dead of winter, more than 800 photos document a serious excursion.

There’s no way to tell where the people are from. In some pictures, the man is wearing an Ohio State hat, but that’s about it for clues.

It’s very likely they think their camera and its card are lost forever, but, the pictures survived unscathed.

[UPDATE] MYSTERY SOLVED: We tracked down the owner of camera found in NC

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