Ryan Blaney gets first career win in NASCAR cup series, 99th win for Wood Brothers Racing

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The win at last week's NASCAR Cup Series at the Pocono 400 was number 99 for Wood Brothers Racing, but number one for driver Ryan Blaney.

It was a timely performance from the 21 car who led only ten laps in the race, which were the final ten. Blaney was able to hold off Kevin Harvick on the final lap and then drove into the victory lane for the first time in his brief 67-race cup series career.

During the race, Blaney's radio went out which halted two-way communication between him and his team.

"I could hear my team, but they couldn't hear me," Blaney said. "They made a plan up of hand signals, pretty much, of what our car was handling like."

This was the first time in Blaney's young career that he had to rely on hand signals to communicate with his team.

One of the best parts about his first win was sharing it with his father. Unfortunately Blaney's dad wasn't at the race, but Blaney said he was the first person who he called.

"It was nice to have that conversation with him," Blaney said. "He's a very emotionless guy, and it was cool to kind of hear the joy in his voice. That was pretty neat to hear."

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