Do you know what NOT to leave in a hot car?

Do you know what NOT to leave in a hot car?
hot car safety
hot car safety

Summer is just around the corner, and things are heating up here at Toyota of N Charlotte. That's why we're talking hot cars today – specifically, what NOT to leave in them. Everyone knows you should never leave a pet or a child in a hot car for ANY length of time; the greenhouse effect quickly raises temperatures inside to a dangerous and even deadly level. However, what else should you remove from your car when the forecast calls for big-time heat? Toyota of N Charlotte has summer driving safety tips!

Toyota of N Charlotte has tips for summer car safety

Electronics: The first thing on our N Charlotte Toyota list of things NOT to leave in a hot car is electronics. Heat can severely damage them, costing you big bucks in repairs or replacements. Always take your electronics inside with you – this can also help lessen your chances of your car being broken into!

Medicine: Heat can actually alter the composition of medicine, making it dangerous for you to continue to take. That's why our N Charlotte Toyota dealership always recommends erring on the side of safety and removing your medicines from a hot car – it doesn't matter if it's prescription or over-the-counter.

Makeup: This one is pretty simple – all of your makeup will melt if left in a hot situation! Don't leave it in your car – not only will you have to replace it, you also run the risk of it melting into your seats or carpet, which makes for a very messy situation and possibly expensive detailing appointment.

Drinks: Did you know that heat can cause chemicals from a plastic bottle to leach into the liquid inside of it? Always remove drinks from your car if you are planning on drinking them later. Additionally, take canned beverages out – our N Charlotte Toyota dealership knows from experience that they WILL explode if things heat up too much. This leads to a big, sticky mess!

Food: This one is also pretty simple – if you have perishable food in your car, take it out! Heat can quickly make food become toxic, which can make you and your family very sick. Even leaving it in a cooler may not be enough – try to take any and all food that should be kept refrigerated with you when you leave your car!

Avoid leaving these items in a hot car!

Crayons: They're a great way to keep the kids busy on summer road trips, but they're also a great way to ruin your interior. Crayons can quickly melt in a hot car, and cleaning up wax is a big pain! Store the crayons in your purse (or better yet, have your kids carry them in a backpack).

Here are a few other things to remove from your car when things heat up outside:

  • Gum and candy
  • Sunscreen
  • Toothbrush
  • Eyeglasses and sunglasses

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