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Gang member pleads guilty to killing of Rowan Co. woman

Source: Rowan Sheriff's Office Source: Rowan Sheriff's Office
Source: Walker family Source: Walker family

Angel Arias, a former member of the Latin Kings gang, has pleaded guilty to the 2015 killing of Rowan County woman Elisha Walker.

In Rowan County Superior Court on Tuesday morning, Arias pleaded guilty to 2nd-degree murder in connection to the case. He was sentenced to at least 227 months.

After the sentence, Walker's sister and mother stood to address Arias.

“What you did, you couldn’t kill him," said sister Porsha Walker. "What you did was, when you tried to hide, everyone knows him, and he will forever live, not only through us, my family, his friends, this town, this world, even you, even you, you will think about him, you have thought about him, you will forever think about him, for the rest of your life, so you did this for nothing, nothing at all, because he will forever live.”

“Mr. Arias, I don’t hate you, I just want you to know that this plea that they gave you is nothing…I’m not the judge, this is just an earthly judge, but you have a spiritual judge that you will be judged for, and I just wanted you to know that," said Walker's mother Rhonda Alexander.  "I will never hate you, God allows everything to happen.”

Arias, a New York native who moved to Rowan County as an adult, accepted the terms of the Alford plea.

Prosecutors agreed to dismiss the charge of felony larceny of a motor vehicle.

Walker was reported missing to the Rowan County Sheriff's Office on November 11, 2014. 

In July 2015, officials searched the area around Arias' home on Hemlock Drive in Salisbury. A neighbor who did not want to be identified talked about the large presence of law enforcement at 121 Hemlock Drive.

“Sheriff’s Department came over here and, about like a drug raid or something, you know, looking and all like that, you know, come to find out they was looking for some guy," the man said.

Arias had moved out of the Salisbury home in February and into a home in Johnston County.

Officials were notified that Arias was being held at the Johnston County Jail on unrelated drug charges. Continuing their investigation in Johnston County, deputies identified a home outside of Smithfield, NC, as a place where Walker's body might be.

Deputies later obtained a search warrant for the property on Homestead Lane where they say they found human remains buried in a "crude grave."

Those remains were identified as those of Walker by the state medical examiner.

Elisha Walker normally stayed in contact with family and friends via phone calls, texts, and Facebook postings, but there had been no such activity since October 23 of 2014, according to the family.

Two weeks later, Walker’s car, a silver 2000 Pontiac Sunfire, was located near the Sampson County town of Clinton. The Sampson County Sheriff’s Office discovered the car and reported that it was completely burned, saying that it appeared that someone had set the fire.

Once Sampson County Sheriff’s Investigators secured the VIN number and ran it through the NCIC network, they discovered that the car belonged to Elisha Maurice Walker.

Sampson County Sheriff’s Investigators canvassed the areas where the car was located to determine if there are any witnesses or information about this investigation that will help locate Walker.

Investigators said that Arias killed Walker in order to hide their relationship.

While Walker was born a man, family says she identified herself as a woman. Walker looked and dressed like a woman, and according to investigators, lived “an alternative lifestyle of a non-heterosexual male.” 

Investigators have said Walker would often travel to the Camp Lejeune area and the Durham, North Carolina area. 

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