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Drug bust leads to meth and heroin, lands two in jail

(Source: WBTV/File) (Source: WBTV/File)

Two people are facing serious drug and weapons charges in Catawba County after an early morning traffic stop by narcotics officers Saturday.

It happened on Highway 150 near the Highway 16 overpass around 4 a.m. The officers were following a vehicle that they believed was being driven by a woman they had been watching for some time.

"They believed she was making trips out of the county to pick up large amounts of narcotics," said Captain Jason Reid of the Sheriff's office. 

When officers stopped the vehicle and searched it, two pounds of high-quality methamphetamine were discovered in a sealed container and an ounce of heroin was found as well.

In addition, a .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun, believed to have been stolen in Lenoir, was also seized. 

Silver Jones, 41, and Joseph Bob Mays, 43, were arrested on trafficking and firearms charges. Both are being held without bond.

Investigators say he drugs appear to have come from Mexico. They believe the two picked the drugs up somewhere outside of Catawba County. The heroin, according to Captain Reid, appeared to be uncut and of high quality and in a condition that indicates there is more where it came from.

"It appears to have been cut from a block of heroin, maybe off a kilo," said Reid. 

Investigators think they know where the drugs were picked up, but they are still looking into it.

"More arrests are expected as we look into this," said Reid.

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