Get your A/C ready for the summer with Toyota of N Charlotte

Get your A/C ready for the summer with Toyota of N Charlotte
Toyota a/c maintenance
Toyota a/c maintenance

It's that time once again for the temperature to rise and the A/C to be cranked all the way up. That's why you should make sure that your A/C is in proper working condition! You don't want to be stuck driving in the middle of the day during our Charlotte summers without the relief of cold air. Our staff at Toyota of N Charlotte want to help you stay cool this summer. We'll make sure to provide you with auto A/C repair services that will keep your air conditioning running the way it should.

Warnings that you need auto A/C repair and what causes them

There are a few major things that can go wrong when the A/C in your N Charlotte vehicle isn't running properly. Our auto A/C repair team will make sure to try and fix any problem your air conditioning may have so you can be comfortable during your rides in the summer. Here are some problems that you may be facing if your A/C isn't running properly:

  • Bad airflow – If you notice that the airflow of your air conditioning unit is weaker than normal, there could be a variety of causes. Some of these include:
    • A broken fan – If the ventilation fan is out, that would cause a weaker airflow.
    • Bad seals – Over time, seals in your air conditioning system can break down. If a seal breaks down, it’s best to replace them as quickly as possible.
    • A loose hose – This is one of the most common causes of a weak airflow and they can easily be fixed by our N Charlotte staff.
    • Mildew or mold buildup – The unit’s cooling process can produce a buildup of moisture in the car’s evaporator core. This can then lead to the growth of mildew and mold that can block airflow.
  • Warm air – Some of the reasons why you might be feeling heat instead of cool coming from your vents include:
    • A Freon leak
    • A bad delay, switch or fuse
    • Possible vacuum leaks
    • A broken blower motor
    • A failed compressor or compressor clutch
    • A damaged condenser
  • Different smell – A bad smell coming from your air vents usually indicates mold or mildew in your N Charlotte car’s A/C system. At this point in time, we recommend coming to our service center to get auto A/C repair to check everything and fix any problems.

Maintaining your car’s A/C just in time for N Charlotte’s summer

One of the easiest ways to minimize your chance of having to get auto A/C repair is to keep up with your routine maintenance schedule. Our N Charlotte service team also recommends the following tips to prevent you from having to come in and get auto A/C repair:

  • Run your A/C – Making sure that you run your A/C unit at least 10 minutes a week will keep your air compressor running smoothly.
  • Run your defroster – You want to make sure to run your defroster for a few minutes a week to prevent your vents from having too much moisture.

Feeling like you need auto A/C repair? Visit us at Toyota of N Charlotte's service center to get the help you need! Schedule a service appointment by calling (888) 378-1214.