County commissioner says CMS will see a dip in test scores

County commissioner says CMS will see a dip in test scores
(Dedrick Russell/WBTV)
(Dedrick Russell/WBTV)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Sources say the unofficial test scores are in for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District (CMS) and the results show a decrease in scores.  Sources say there was a dip in scores in all grades except for the 7th grade.

County Commissioner Vilma Leake says she has heard about the unofficial test scores from education leaders.

"I received a call from Raleigh saying the test scores have been delivered, and that your district was low - so this grieves me," Leake said.

Leake said in some areas there are nearly a two or three point decrease in scores across the board.  Leake worries about all of the children being successful in the classroom, but especially the students who are educated in the district in which she represents.

"Children in third grade today still cannot read," Leake said. "So what is the problem - where are we assessing the needs?"

CMS is not commenting on the unofficial scores, because the district wants to wait until they are verified in Raleigh.  CMS leaders said that might not happen until September, which is after the beginning of the new school year.  Leake believes the unofficial scores should be released to the public now.

"Tomorrow is too late," Leake said. "So we need that information now, so we can decipher and see what we need to do and how we need to do it."

Leake also wonders whether the programs CMS have instituted are making the grade. She also admits all the blame should not be on CMS.

"Parents have to be held accountable," Leake said. "They are the first teachers."

In 2016, CMS saw an increase in some of the test scores. One subject increased by nearly three points. Leake believes if the unofficial scores are released now, then this will give county commissioners a better idea to see if the money provided to the school district is getting the job done.

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