Revisiting the 'stars' of viral eyebrow stamp video

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Tuesday morning I hopped into Sally Beauty Supply in North Charlotte and purchased a $15 pair of eyebrow stamps that turned into pure gold on the Internet.

The intention was to do a silly little Facebook Live video to test them out and see if they work as claimed. I'll admit, I likely pressed a little too hard when applying it, but the result is a look that could stop men dead in their tracks... and then send them scurrying away.

The video has been shared and viewed millions of times in three days. Some of the most interesting parts came when I asked strangers what they thought of my new look, which I polished up with a set of "Perfect Smile Veneers."

Their reactions are priceless and truly hysterical.

Friday, we went back to visit with those same people to ask them how they're dealing with their new-found fame.

Check out the video for their reactions.

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