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Spike in crashes at Indian Trail intersection raises concern

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A spike in crashes at one intersection in Indian Trail has Monroe Police and the North Carolina Department of Transportation taking action.

On Tuesday, a deadly crash occurred at the intersection of Poplin Road and Unionville-Indian Trail Road. 60-year-old Mirriam Sue Hooks was killed after her daughter ran a stop sign and crashed into another car, police said. Hooks was not wearing seat belt.

However, the deadly crash this week is part of a disturbing trend over the past several years. Monroe Police reported one crash in 2014, five crashes in 2015 and 14 crashes in 2016 at the same intersection. So far in 2017, including the crash on Tuesday, there have been five crashes at the intersection. 

“No doubt there are accidents that happen and I think more so over the past two years,” David Loberg said, who lives less than 100 yards from the intersection. “You hear it, it is loud and you know that it is not good.”

Loberg says he has heard a number of different accidents and finds car debris on the road when he walks his dog.

“Many times I don’t think people see that stop sign, and so they will run that stop sign and that is what I think is causing the accidents,” Loberg said. “I have witnessed two people go through that intersection while I was with my dog and it scares you.”

The Monroe Police Department confirmed they are doing an intersection analysis. Officers are trying to figure out what contributed to each of the wrecks that have occurred at the intersection.

Police said population increase in Indian Land over the past several years has also played a factor in the wrecks.

“We have heard them and it is usually just a very loud boom and we look at our window and see it,” Fatou Thaire said, who lives next to the intersection. “My kids are not allowed to cross that road.”

The NCDOT says they are aware of the issue and released the following statement:

"We have a project selected for safety funds that would include acquiring some right of way on Unionville-Indian Trail Road, going west from the intersection. Some trees and vegetation would be cleared to provide better sight distance for motorists, both at the stop sign on Poplin Road looking left, and for traffic heading east on Unionville-Indian Trail Road."

However, the NCDOT has not said when those funds would be made available for the project. Troopers also said the intersection did not meet warrants for a traffic signal, roundabout or a four-way stop.

“We hope that they can work faster so that we do not have someone else lose their family member," Thaire said. 

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