Two-year-old dies from injuries, Burr talks about Comey hearing

Good is Friday and we have a full morning of news for you now that you're up and ready to face the day.  Kristen Miranda for John Carter (he'll be back on Monday!).  It is the last day of school for all of the kids in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools!

A little bit of a challenge if you're an early commuter - Al Conklin says there's some fog out there in spots this morning.  He has your full forecast for you for the day and the weekend.

We have an overnight breaking update to an already sad story we first told you about yesterday.  A little boy, only two years old, who was already in the hospital with injuries from what police say was abuse...has died.   Mark Davenport is following the latest developments in the case and has details on the man who now is facing new charges.

We also have new video and new details from police at the scene of a late-night hit and run where a person on a bike was hit by a car.

Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina was the first to question Former FBI Director James Comey on Capitol Hill yesterday because he is the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee and Investigative reporter Nick Ochsner sat down exclusively with him immediately after things wrapped up.

A man is charged with murder now after his wife died from burn injuries she sustained a few weeks ago.  We're hearing reaction from people who know this couple and say they never would have expected anything like this.

Live pictures from Britain in the Alert Center this morning where yesterday's election is having new fall-out this morning.

And a few stories that will make you smile....including a soccer team doing something pretty cool in solidarity with a special little girl...we'll show you an adult playground...details on the opening of the new Top Golf...and Luuuuuke goes on a shopping spree with some kids.

We'll see you when you wake up and turn the TV to 3!