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Woman encounters bobcat in her Spartanburg Co. back yard

Bobcat image source: SC DNR Bobcat image source: SC DNR
INMAN, SC (FOX Carolina) -

An Inman woman is warning her neighbors after she said a bobcat was spotted on her property.

Sandy Suschana said a friend saw the large cat run into a woodpile in her back yard. When she checked afterward, she said the animal was still there.

“When I looked in the woodpile and could see its eyes looking at me,” she said. “That’s when I started to piece together all the signs, since I thought some sort of predator had actually made it all the way into my barn just a couple nights earlier.”

Suschana said she smelled a foul odor a few days earlier when she went out to feed her animals a few days earlier.

“My cats were all spooked, my barn was a disaster, and my dog was acting strange. My dog kept standing up on her two legs and sniffing up the wall, and looking real high up. Then she climbed up on a shelf! I thought it was really weird and it spooked me.”

While she was telling neighbors about the sighting, Suschana said she was informed that a dead raccoon had been left on a neighbor’s porch.

“It was clawed but not eaten. Like something large played with it till it died,” Suschana said.

Suschana said she reported the sighting to the SC Department of Natural Resources.

FOX Carolina spoke to DNR biologists, who said Bobcats are common in the area.

The large cats live all through South Carolina. They’re most common in coastal areas but the DNR reports their numbers are increasing in other parts of the state.

While the cats are around, DNR biologists said seeing the animals is not so common due to their elusive nature.

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