Blog: Meet Maggie the Mammogram Machine

Blog: Meet Maggie the Mammogram Machine
(Molly Grantham | WBTV)
(Molly Grantham | WBTV)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - I gave this mammogram machine a name today. Maggie. I just feel like when you're about to get that up close and personal with something, you should at least be on a first name basis.

So, meet Maggie the Mammographer. She is part of Charlotte Radiology and I promise, she treated me well. Wasn't painful. Wasn't any major big deal. I am grateful Maggie is so smart and sees things I can't see. Afterwards, her x-rays didn't seem to show anything out of the ordinary. Thank you, thank you, Maggie.

Why do I post about this? Because YOU SHOULD GET YOUR MAMMOGRAM, TOO.

I'll repeat that.


I've said this forever. It's not a new mantra. But with my mom's recent death from breast cancer, I am even more determined to stay on top of yearly check-ups. In fact, I made today's appointment one afternoon while sitting beside mom at the Hospice House.

Please, ladies, if you're 40 or over, go get your mammogram. If you're younger than 40 and want to get one just to have a baseline and to be on top of your health, do it. Don't let dumb studies that say "wait until your 50" be your guide. With my family history, it was my 30th birthday present to myself a decade ago.

Knowledge is power. Go meet Maggie. She's waiting for you.


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